R.E Hengsterman's writing appears in over fifty online and print publications including Across The Margin, Maudlin House, Bluntly Magazine, Eunoia Review, Queen Mob's Tea House, Barren Magazine, Riggwelter, Phenomenal Literature, Former Cactus, The Airgonaut, Thorn Literary Magazine, Dodging The Rain, The Blotter Magazine and many others.


His story collection, The Paper Boy & The Winter War will be published by Unsolicited Press - October 31st, 2022

Early praise for The Paper Boy & The Winter War - “Dark & Powerful”






2016 Pushcart Prize Nomination 




BEST of 2017 Print Anthology - Bookends Review


The Writing District Contest Winner - July 18


Silver Needle Press Fiction Contest Winner - Oct 18


Author Spotlight SpillWords

2019 Mikrokosmos Fiction Contest Top Ten - The Q


2019 SpillWords Publication of the Year nomination - Lost & Found






“Effectively unsettling.” (The Savior)


“A sharp, well-observed piece, neat in concept and punchy in its delivery.” (Thump)

“This piece is full of beautiful descriptive details. Reading it felt like a full sensory experience. It's ripe with tension. The last sentence, in particular, leaves an indelible image.” (Thump)

“Imaginative Story. Vivid character description with a fine and unexpected resolution.” (The Roboticist)

“An engrossing offering of flash fiction where obsession proves the only path towards perfection…” (The Roboticist) 

“An unusual yet touching snapshot of the lengths some people will go to protect themselves and their families, whether or not there is true danger afoot.”

(The Globe)

“This piece is exceptionally gross. It also delves straight into a really difficult and divisive topic - and yet, I could not stop reading. The story is really, really good.” (Roach)


“I’m not sure whether Philip K. Dick would love being alive today or if he would give up in despair and end himself. When I walk into a dentist’s waiting room and every one of six patients has a face buried in the phone I feel as if fiction has completely overtaken "real" life.

Nicely written, Mr. Hengsterman.” (Rehab)

“This is a captivating piece. The imagery and language are simultaneously intense yet subtle.” (Penny Candy)


“We loved the subtlety and grace in your voice.” (The Cull)


“There is a cool Twilight Zone angle to this...” (The Anniversary)


“Your writing is strong, your language well-chosen and your characters real.” (Fractured)


“Individual sentences are beautiful, almost magnetic.” (Redemption)


“A strong and entertaining read.” (The Last Defender)


“Great command of voice, great characters.” (Grandmother)


“This is one very harsh and incredibly good piece. It was like slipping using a deli slicer. Before you feel the pain, the blood is already gushing. Beautiful.”

(Death of a Box)


“I must say, "Grandmother" caught me off-guard - funny how our preconceived notions of childhood memory can sometimes get in the way of being objective readers. This is a smart, pithy story.”


“This has an almost fable-like, surreal quality and its visceral power reminds me just a bit of Angela Carter. The physical descriptions of both people and roaches are very detailed and precise; it's an effective parallel between the two. Original and thought-provoking.” (Roach)